The Croatian Terminology Portal is the focal point for all available contemporary terminological resources in the Croatian language

Types of search

This portal offers two types of search and several methods for narrowing or sorting the results.

1. The basic type of search looks for any desired string of characters as a possible term or part of a term. The list of results will include mixed results from all four databases, arranged in Croatian alphabetical order. You can use any or all of these methods for narrowing and further sorting the results: showing results from only one database (or a combination of two or three), alphabetizing by the foreign equivalents or source terms, or narrowing the results by entering additional characters in the box provided. (Example 1: if you enter the search string krivulja, you will get a mixed alphabetized list of 90 multi-word and single-word terms from all fields, drawn from all four of the databases; you can then narrow and/or sort these results.)

2. The second type of search seeks an exact match for a string which you believe is a term in Croatian or English found in one of the four searchable bases. For this, type an exclamation mark (!) before the string. The results will exclude instances where the string is part of a longer one-word or multi-word term. (Example 2: If you enter the search string !krivulja, you will get only 3 results from different sources, which consist exclusively of the noun krivulja, without the remaining 87 which contain it in a longer string.)