The Croatian Terminology Portal is the focal point for all available contemporary terminological resources in the Croatian language

About the Croatian Terminology Portal

O portalu

The Croatian Terminology Portal is a focal point for all available contemporary terminological resources in the Croatian language. The Portal was developed by a team of terminologists working on the Struna termbase at the Department of General Linguistics of the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. Around 30,000 specialised concepts have been defined within 17 projects over the four-year period of funding and five years of terminological work within the terminology database Struna. However, due to a financial and organisational break, new domain terminology collections have not been added to the Struna search engine since 2014.

The Croatian Terminology Portal aims to offer as many specialised terms and concepts as possible in one place, providing help to translators and experts in their work, but also to students or anyone interested in terminology and specialised knowledge. Terminologies of various domains will be regularly added to the Portal's search engine.

The Portal's search engine gathers terms from four different sources: Struna, The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography, the Croatian Standards Institute, and the termbase Specialised Dictionaries and Glossaries. Search results are displayed in separate tabs in order to keep the original source of each term entry, which also allows for insight into the theoretical and terminological management principles implemented in the work of each institution.

The Croatian Terminology Portal is not funded by any government institution or the private sector, but is solely the result of regular terminological work carried out within the Struna termbase. Therefore, all information published on the Portal is freely available to all interested users.

Feel free to contact us with suggestions or for additional information.